A.O.M Karate-jutsu

Our Mission

"To promote the benefits and encourage the practise of, consistent Karate and Fitness training for all ages and abilities"

A.O.M Karate-jutsu was founded in 2008 by Nicholas Bennett a qualified Fitness, and CPTK instructor. Currently ranked Sandan, 3rd degree black belt in Renbukan Karate he is the head instructor of A.O.M Karate-jutsu and a regional instructor of Darling Downs Renbukan Karate. Karate Linage, CPTKI

Aussie Kids Karate

We teach the Aussie Kids Karate Program to children aged 5 to 12 . A unique programs that builds athletic, goal oriented and resilient children. It blends traditional karate training with games play and sporting competition to maintain high levels interest.

A.O.M Karate-Jutsu

Built on traditional Renbukan Karate A.O.M Karate-jutsu, develops fitness, combat and self defence skills for Teens/Adults. A safe but challenging training system for those looking to get fit, have fun and build confidence. A Short History of Renbukan Karate