A Short History of Renbukan Karate

Renbukan practices a traditional style of Karate known as Shitoryu which was developed by Okinawan Karate master Mubini Kenwa. Mubini Sensei was influential in founding the practice of modern karate popularising it on mainland Japan and eventually worldwide.

Renbukan as a style is closely related to Tani-Ha Shitoryu which is a method of teaching Shitoryu developed by Chojiro Tani Sensei, one of Mubini Sensei's senior students. The group that practiced the Tani-Ha style became known as the Shukokai. It is known for its high mobile stances and strong direct linear technique promoted via powerful double hip action.

As is the Japanese way Tani Sensei's senior student Katsumi Fujiwara Sensei on achieving 8th Dan, branched out to form the Renbukan School further refining the strong direct methods of the Tani-ha style.

Renbukan's methods and traditions were passed to 8th Dan Katsumi Iba Sensei, the current Kuncho (head of style) of the Renbukan Karate Association. Kunchi Iba spent 3 years living in Brisbane teaching and passing on the the Renbukan style to our Australian Instructors before returning to Japan.

Shito-ryu Lineage Chart